3 definitions by Nick Lobanov

some super cool band which play rock/emo music. consists of three people
ReNt are playing at Heatham soon.
by Nick Lobanov May 28, 2004
some badass weird British rock band who have released one album and everyone thinks that they have disappeared when in fact they are still around. They disapeared because they were on tour for a long time in Japan! Their new single is pretty sick, hopefully so will be the album. One problem, the lead singer (Dave Mcphereson) has become a cocky shit and has cut his hair!!
Neptune, Faster the Chase, Mosaic, Crushed Like Fruit etc.
by Nick Lobanov May 28, 2004
a fat, minging woman with some big ass and big boobs.
Bessie you hefalump!!! Vicky you're a hefalump.
by Nick Lobanov May 28, 2004