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Wafl is omori Stan and leaker for ded gam fal gus moblue isn’t in development he also likes fg pancak bc why not he likes omori and not maro galaxy lek fal gus moblue waf
by Nfgsus September 7, 2021
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Cheats in fall guys bc he big noob mediatonic almost banned him bc he noob and havk (joke ocapa never cheated in fal gu)
Ocapa: i didn’t cheat

Nevertrustbruh: ratio big cheats
by Nfgsus September 18, 2021
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Max is leaker of fall guys and maybe a leaker of fortnite batl royl he’s also called “maxy waxy” from the fg api server also the he’s the creator of hel- I mean fg api he talks in fg api when he feels like it also the creator of Bert and bean bot! He made fg api website where people can see leaks and stuff but on august 4th 2021 he shut it down unfortunately….(PS add when is season command max pls)
Maxfnleksandinfo leaks!!!

Nevertrustbruh: leaking this ratio
by Nfgsus September 12, 2021
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Nfg is Craig and Sus he has 0 crowns in fall guys also on drama server (fg api) and other server FF he is also nob on fall guys having 0 crowns and gets eliminated every round (he’s also known as sephiroth or the one winged angel). If you see if nfg is in your server delete the server before it’s too late Nevertrustbruh: ratio nfg big noob like ocapa
I have crowns unlike nfg you nfgsus
by Nfgsus September 27, 2021
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Mome is a fall guys player and lives in fg api. And he lives in italy too so of course he gets mad often kind of like muffin the fg leaker which he has a crush on! (Don’t say the word muffin at him he gets pretty upset if you do.)
Me: muffin

Nevertrustbruh: ratio muffin TheMome noob
by Nfgsus November 23, 2022
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