9 definitions by Newt

This word means "goodbye" in German.
"Auf wiedersehen, mein freund." Translation: "Goodbye, my friend."
by Newt February 24, 2005
One word: -- God --

Also called the almighty, the greatest, the holy, ...
Praise him, make sacrifices, worship him cause he's Janko.
by Newt November 30, 2004
french-english for what you see with
I can't see. I got my overpriced french wine in wy ass.
by Newt January 4, 2004
A hippie like kid who goes to Rainbow gatherings and who usually does not have a home but has a van and usually panhandles for money or sells drugs. A rainbow kid usually hasn't bathed, wears no shoes, and has long hair/dreadlocks.
Q:What's the difference between a rainbow kid and a Phish kid?
A;A phish kid won't pick up a hitchiker because the car is too full of drugs. The rainbow kid is looking for drugs.
by Newt September 28, 2004
To shuke is to take a shit and puke simultaneously, therefore leaving a disgusting pile underneath yourself.
James Abbott drank too much beer and ate way too much at Hooters that he had to have me pull over so he could shuke on the side of the road.
by Newt May 27, 2004
French-english for a man wig (hairpiece)
My herpes is in my ass.
by Newt January 4, 2004
anyone of a conservative persuasion, someone who would be likely to be in favor of repealing beastiality laws preventing pig- fucking.

Ronal Reagan is a pig fucker.
by Newt September 16, 2003