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"EW, I am not some Grannycon! That woman has to be 19!"
by NeptuneFell September 11, 2023
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TERFs and herernormative pushing people often express Cisgenderism. Basically cisgender people who are discriminating or mislabeling or deadnaming or just misgendering Transgender people's expressed/true gender.
It is Cisgenderism to refer to someone past tense even as a child and retroactively misgendering them.
by NeptuneFell December 10, 2021
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Emoticons are what predated #Emoji in a lot of chatrooms, messages, emails, and texts years ago. Also many come from Japan like #orz (a stick figure kneeling down.)

They can be used to save text space as #Emoji often will take data/text amount to send, used where you can't send Emoji, and they can also be more complicated, too.

#Kaomoji (Japanese Emoticons) and ASCII (pictures from text and symbols) fall into emoticons sometimes yet it has now today evolved into their own thing, too.
Jim: what do you want for dinner :D ?
Emmy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jim: D: Cant decide again??

More Emoticons

:) classic smile
:O surprise face

_ _

( o_o )

u u \¤

Ω> <Ω) staring bunny

☆*:. .o(≧▽≦)o. .:*☆ #Kaomoji super happy face
by NeptuneFell February 9, 2020
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