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The act of slapping someone on the cheek with a stack of bills totaling $1000 or more. Used on someone who is requesting a loan, talking shit about your financial status or being nosy about your financial status. Indications are stinging pain, embarrassment and visible marks, usually in the form of light red welts.

see Stack
"I got paid today, cashed my check, came home to relax and was immediately assaulted by demands from my wife for a new this, a better that. Thats when I finally decided to show that ho who bring home the bacon. I pulled out my wallet, withdrew the cheddar and gave the bitch the Stack Slap of a life time. Now she is happy with the salvation army bras/tampons."

"I gave a hungry old man a stack slap when he begged me for 89 cents. What did the bum want to buy? An Arctic Circle hamburger."

"I stack slapped a baby seal and killed it. Yea, I'm loaded bitches."
by NegativeJZ January 27, 2008

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A derogatory term used to describe rush hour traffic in and around the Salt Lake City area.

Utah's highways are shitty and inadequate. Also, Utah drivers are traditionally dumb-ass, inconsiderate assholes. Everyone (EVERYONE) drives well above the posted limit of 65mph.
"I would have gotten here sooner but I got trapped in The Mormon 500."

"We left at 2:00 as to avoid The Mormon 500."
by NegativeJZ January 27, 2008

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1.The mutilation of a male's genitals usually performed soon after birth.
ie. Circumcision

2. One who preforms said mutilations.

3.(This is what most ignorant mothers believe) The gentle, pain-free removal of the skin around the tip of a male's penis. Thus, preventing many diseases and ensuring a fruitful harvest the coming year.
1. I can't believe my parents had a cocksnip performed on me!

2. {doctor} "Are you Mormon?"
{New Parent} "Yes."
(doctor} "Nurse, summon the Cocksnip. *evil laughter*"

3. "I told Marge to have a cocksnip preformed on her new son. She refused. Now her whole family has Aids and their entire crop died."
by NegativeJZ January 23, 2008

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Perspiration on the stomach area. Usually used to describe an obese person. It is a combination of the words sweat and belly.
"That fat fuck came outta Mickey D's swelly as fuck all!"
by NegativeJZ January 23, 2008

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