5 definitions by Necromantia

To kick an owl or other wildlife while paragliding or paramotoring.
The guy in the paramotor scored a dell schanze. It was worth 2 points.
by Necromantia February 4, 2021
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A place in San Francisco where tranny hookers are readily available for rent. When used in the term South Street Boi, usually meaning easy "boi" ready for man on "boi" sex.
The gay business men went to South Street to get some man love.
by Necromantia December 2, 2008
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When the clit is looked at from a side profile. An old man, wearing a cloak, bent over sitting a boat.
As I stared at her pussy from the side, I could almost see the old man in the boat pickup his pole to find that stinky fish.
by Necromantia August 14, 2015
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The act of watching inept people perform a task that should be simple, but make it so complex for that it becomes difficult for them to perform without someone holding their hand.
Eric watched as the workers failed at every simple task, he wound up cobbaldgering them so they could get shit done.
by Necromantia January 14, 2023
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Not quite rich enough to be a Sugar Daddy.
He only made 60k per year. He wasn't rich enough to be her Sugar Daddy, so the referred to him as her Aspartame Daddy.
by Necromantia December 23, 2015
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