2 definitions by Nct 2020 goty

23 bitches who came together and only have only 4 brain cells that all belong to Kun otherwise known as mama bear 👁👁
The type of music they make is pussy pop and has slutty lyrics

They are also a bunch of talented mfs that can snatch your wig faster than you can shout when I shove you back into your mothers womb bc you dont stan them
Bitch what are you doing here go to google and learn their names and faces
Person 1; Ugh nct is so talented
Person 2; I know right? Let's listen to love talk, I'm feeling aroused today
by Nct 2020 goty October 29, 2020
Oli eH oH is the definition of a failure
Person 1: Hey do you know who's a failure?

Person 2: Yeah! It's that Oily London isnt it?


by Nct 2020 goty October 8, 2020