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A phrase used to express indifference or boredom to a long or boring conversation.

There are many different types of "cool story bro". There is:

1) cool story bro
2) cool story bro, you should write a book about it
3) cool story bro, in which chapter do you shut the f*ck up?

1) Chad: I ate an apple for breakfast

Angie: Cool story bro.

2) Hannah: And then I rinsed my teeth. And then, lo and behold, I saw a black mark. I thought: "Hmm, what can it be?" and hark! It was a cavity! So then, I --

Josie: Cool story bro, you should write a book about it.

3) Tad: boring and lengthy story about scientists growing a new type of capsicum

Beth: Cool story bro, in which chapter do you shut the f*ck up?
by NaziCookieMonster June 24, 2011
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The type of cookie with a swastika iced onto it. It is offered to Jews by very mean people.
Person 1 & 2: Hi, we're your new Jewish neighbours. We just wanted to say hi.
Person 3: Oh, do come in. Want a nazi cookie?
by NaziCookieMonster January 10, 2011
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1. (n) - onomatopoeia for the sound of phlegm that is expelled via the mouth.

2. (v) - the act of expelling phlegm via the mouth.
1. Matthew: HAKTU!

Tony: What was that, mate?!

Matthew: Oh, you know the phlegm that builds up at the back of the throat? Yeah, well I drew it up closer and expelled it via the mouth.

Tony: Gross! That's sick mate!

Matthew: What do you do then? Swallow it? You *do* realize that that's the equivalent of eating SNOT?

Tony: *silent*

2. Josie: Oh man, I gotta haktu real bad right now.
by NaziCookieMonster May 11, 2011
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A retard whose main goal in life appears to be spending as much time as possible playing Wii.
Malcolm: OMG, did you know you can get COD on Wii? I got to level 50 already and I only got it an hour ago!

Wendy: You're such a Wii-tard.
by NaziCookieMonster January 28, 2011
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