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to make a situation as a stereotypical african american would.
from roots nigger and exacerbate
"yo let's hit that up, dog." "You know you don't have to nacrebate your speech."
by Nathaniel Bacon January 18, 2008

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to do something with a serious risk that would reap an equally serious reward if successful
If someone risks his career for a loved one, that would be letting it fly.

If someone takes a shortcut while driving by quickly going the opposite direction on a one way road when time is of the essence, that would be letting it fly.

similar as to throw caution to the wind
by Nathaniel Bacon March 13, 2009

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1.the state of being left hanging to a great degree 2.the state of being screwed over to a great degree
Mike asked his friend Peter to bring him a dollar, so he could afford the speakers which he needed the next day, Peter said no problem.
The Next Day:
Mike: "Hey where's that money?"
Peter: "What are you talking about? i gotta go, cya!"
Mike: "Nake n Bake man... Nake and Bake..."
by Nathaniel Bacon January 31, 2008

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