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Hot Rear Action; but sex;
That slut gave me some HRA action last night
by NSO April 24, 2003

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Confused, mispronouncing computer teacher. See n00b
That garbage can feel out of no where, said the Terpak. SEALS?! SEELS? CSEELLS?
by NSO April 08, 2003

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Semi-hot, dazed broad in Web Design Class. When shut down windows by pressing Alt-F4, she asked "How did you do that?!?" I replied "Alt-F4"...So she pressed Alt. F, 4. She in-turn said "Its not working!!!"

Also confused how to print in color.
Avid Word Art Fan.
Printer Girl is a complete moron
by NSO April 08, 2003

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Los Angeles International Airport
1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA..
Red-eye leaves LAX at 10:50 tonight.
by NSO September 08, 2003

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Giving an HJ in the dollar show.
Geesea was scarping that dude the WHOLE time.
by NSO March 12, 2004

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Hot Solo Action: Female masturbation
That fly honie is getten some HSO on.
by NSO August 05, 2003

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The worst band ever. Members Brad, Quinn, and Fernado
Quinn and Brad were giving Fernado a Rusty Trombone
by NSO February 14, 2004

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