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From a Tourists perspective (living in London) who has been to both Newcastle and Sunderland:

Sunderland, contrary to belief, is a nice place,. It may not have the art galleries, and the opera houses of Newcastle but in my opinion this is just a "show"! Newcastle's city center is in no doubt much nicer, its full of beautiful old buildings, but Newcastle has been built as a city, Sunderland on the other hand was, for hundreds of years, a working class city! But the suburbs of Sunderland are so much nicer for example: Seaburn, Houghton-le-spring, Penshaw! Even the roughest parts of Sunderland (southwick, Redhouse, shiney row) aren't half as bad as the rough parts of Newcastle. The city center of Sunderland is improving massively on the other hand, with new contempary building being built by the second, ! The beaches are beautiful and are clean and are pleasure to walk along. But the most important part of Sunderland's + points are the people, Mackems are lovely people, who can actually be understood (unlike geordies)and are incredibly friendly. There are Chavs (by the tons) but tell meee a city which hasnt, and surprisingly even the Chavs are Friendly! If you knock into somebody, they can't be more apologetic, which i'm not used to! So for a visit to the north i would understand why you would visit Newcastle, but to live in the north, Sunderland beats Newcastle hands down :)
Me: Do you want to move to the north, get away from all the hustle and bustle of London? What about Newcastle?

Wife: Oh God No! They're awfull people, i want to live in Sunderland!
by Mypasswordis February 27, 2011

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