4 definitions by Muu Fraga

"how was the starcraft match?"
"o man, we pwned!"
by Muu Fraga November 12, 2003
An extremely powerful, knife-like weapon. Created when Rabite-san typoed the word "knife" while stabbing someone on IRC.
"you betta shut teh fack up, bizzach, fo i stab u wit dis herr jbufe!"
by Muu Fraga November 12, 2003
Crazy, insane, amazing, awesome, etc.
"yo' foo', I'ma 'bout to go b33rt on yo ass, B!"
by Muu Fraga October 4, 2003
The round, green, basketball sized robot in Mobile Suit Gundam created by Amuro Ray. Capable of hovering, and memorizing some simple phrases (like a parrot). Haro's material is unknown, but is able to withstand a bullet, gaining only a small scratch.
by Muu Fraga November 12, 2003