2 definitions by MurphysLaw101

The act of asserting a rhetorical win (without any statistical evidence) when someone you perceive to be a good debater gets clapped as a way to cope with their loss.
Destiny: *Makes stupid claims with no defence for, and gets annihilated when pushed on those claims*
Destiny's fans: Destiny clearly scored a win rhetorically

Person with functioning brain: Nice Rhetoricoping
by MurphysLaw101 May 1, 2021
Term used by ppl who can't reason well but wanna feel like bosses, to indicate that instead of working to improve themselves, they'd rather lower the standard of discourse so they can compete.
Person 1: *makes a claim that they cannot possibly defend, and the reason they believe it is probably because of a bias *
Person 2: why do you think this?
Person 1: You are such a debate bro
by MurphysLaw101 April 20, 2021