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(N): An especially loud mouthed woman whose ability to constantly talk about dick-shrinking things like art, poetry, boy bands, and chastity is so ceaseless that even while giving blow jobs, she does not stop talking, as the vocal chords in her vagina take over and begin to utter noises.
Dave: God, Mariah will not shut the fuck up. She talked my ear off last night on the phone for over five hours. All she talked about was how much she valued sex after marriage.
Tom: Well, you should have known for how much she raises her hand in class and talks about Jesus that she is a total blabbercunt.
Dave: I know, I don't think she would even be in to saddlebacking.
by Muff Master February 23, 2009
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History: In numerous all-girl boarding schools, mechanical brushes have been banned on campus since these young girls would use them to masturbate.

(n): a toothbrush that a woman uses to pleasure herself, usually of the automated type.
"Corey, no dude! Don't use that one! That's her muff brush!"

In August, Matilda loves to spend the long, hot afternoons inside enjoying the pleasures of her mechanical muff brush.
by Muff master November 21, 2008
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