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From Final Fantasy 4. Supposedly Cecil's best friend and rival even though he secretly lusts over Rosa, Cecils girlfriend. He even helps the villain kidnap her at some point.

He was being controlled by the villain but it is revealed a part of him wanted to do it. He is jealous of Cecil. Throughout the game he will join and leave you because he is a weak pussy who cant even keep control over his own mind.

Fangirls and boys alike cream their panties over him. Me? I just think to myself "w/ friends like this who needs enemies?"

Cecil and the rest of his party members let Kain rejoin them easily. Even Rosa who btw could have gotten killed thanks to him. So she is ok w/ letting this creep who wants to screw her and almost had her killed on their team. So Cecil is ok w/ being friends w/ this guy. Yeah the power of love and friendship WOOOOOO! -___-

The only one w/common sense is Edge. He should have thrown a blade in his face.
Kain: See annoying and overrated. Much like Sephiroth (aka mama's BAWING boy) and all those other long haired anime/jrpg guys who think they are all so badass. Its funny how in the end they almost always end up with nothing or dead. :)
by Ms. Rage November 24, 2009

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