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A male orange tabby cat. Olivers are gentle, loving, goofy, and adorable. They love to play tug of war, jump up on high beams and cuddle on cold winter nights. They are pleasure seekers, so please don't overfeed them.

Olivers are the best kitties ever. If one wants to adopt you, let him. You won't regret it.
That Oliver is such a kitty. He's a real good one.

It's my turn to have the Oliver. He's been cuddling with you all night.

The Oliver shows his love by kneading and suckling.
by Mr. Meowsers March 09, 2010

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A mewon is a subatomic kitty particle. it is a kitty that is the size of a subatomic particle. actual size may vary, just like full size kittys.
late at night you can hear the mewons in the universe in the atoms in your fingernails.

Houses typically have two mewons, though crazy cat physicists may have billions or more!
by mr. meowsers June 08, 2011

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