4 definitions by Mr. Smeef

Another band of DDoS hackers that think they're cool and edgy by taking down various gaming networks.
Jack: Hey James, the Overwatch servers are down.
James: What do you know, it's PoodleCorp
Jack: Just another group of stupid DDoS kiddies.
by Mr. Smeef August 08, 2016
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When you cum over a girl's face and it starts to drip off. Therefore you gave her too much sauce.
Jack: Jake came all over Jamie's face and it started to drip off.

James: Too much sauce?

Jack: Yeah...
by Mr. Smeef August 01, 2016
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An innocuous sound file located in Windows, it used to serve as a startup sound for the first versions of Windows, but now it serves no other purpose than a running joke at Microsoft
Bill : *starts computer*

PC: Tada!
by Mr. Smeef February 12, 2016
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Another one of Apple's stupid marketing campaigns to try and justify to their customers why they should pay insane amounts for the same phone with an "s" behind the number.
Jack: Another one of these stupid "Shot on iPhone" commercials.
by Mr. Smeef August 02, 2016
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