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When a naked girl who is a la moist slides up (or down) a man's chest leaving a slimy yet shiny streak of vagina juice.
We were 69'ing for a couple minutes but then she slide down towards my wiener and left a foot long snail trail.
by Mosh1200 June 22, 2012

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When somebody sits on the john and begins with some snaps, crackles, and finally some poop. The sound is similar to that familiar breakfast cereal we all know, but after the snap and crackle you get poop instead of pop (the poop is usually preceded by a grunt and followed by a sigh).
I walked into the bathroom at work and thought somebody was eating rice krispy's, but then I realized it was just a snap crackle poop.
by Mosh1200 June 01, 2012

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A poop that has some stringy, onion like substance, but mostly consists of cloudy brown squirts. Often burns upon exit and could also be described as fire booty.
After a long night of drinking, jeff went to a taco truck and got a burrito to try and sober up. About 20 minutes later he charged into the bathroom to cook up a nice bowl of french onion poop.
by Mosh1200 June 24, 2011

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A natural athelete. One who is good at everything without practicing or trying very hard.
Mosh is so good at everything he does, he is such a naturalete.
by Mosh1200 September 14, 2010

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