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A beautiful country, with a rich and colourful history and culture. A proud, nationalistic country.

Hated by many, especially the Brits, most of whom actually have no real idea why they hate us; probably because their father did. Many claim that we are rude; we are not, we just don't appreciate the (again, often British) tourist approach to our language; that is, to shout at us in English. We also do not suffer fools gladly; some people find that spiky, but hey, look at the results we achive through striking etc on a regular basis. We get results, even from our governement. We do not allow ourselves to be fucked.

Also hated by some, because we will not wnter a war situation without a bloody ood reason. Unlike Britain, who only has to hear Bush click his fingers, and goes running to hump his leg enthusiastically. You will never see this in France...
"I really miss France"
by Mordrez Moi September 16, 2006

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More conclusive proof that George W Bush is a tit (see entry for Freedom fries); 'French' fries, like many things called French something-or-ther, were not even invented in France, and there is little evidence to suggest they were invented in Belgium, either.

In France they are generally eaten with steak (steak-frites), and were popularised by the Americans, who now, ironically, find the term 'French anything' sticking in ther craw... all because we aren't trigger-happy, Anti-Islamists.
"These French fries are clogging up my artery walls."
by Mordrez Moi September 16, 2006

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