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Something that will make you jump jump.
The Mac Dad will make you Jump jump.
The Daddy Mac will make you jump jump.
Kris Kross will make you jump jump.
Uh huh, uh huh.
by Mopery November 28, 2009

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A web site where gangsters and thugs go to search for some lovin’.
"Damn, this ho here on Bone Thugs-N-eHarmony.com is hella fine. I would love to make her my bottom bitch some day."
by Mopery November 28, 2009

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The waiting line to get into a donkey show.
“I can’t believe I’ve been in St. Maries for three days now.”
“Wow, it is absolutely boring in St. Maries.”
by Mopery January 25, 2009

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1.) A piece of garden hose that is cut off for the purpose of Siphoning gas.

2.) The piece of equipment needed to siphon gas.
“Has anyone seen my Springfield Gas Card, The neighbors just went to bed and I don’t think I have enough fuel to make it to Walmart and back”.
by Mopery November 28, 2009

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1.) People watching on a public transportation system

2.) The act of being entertained or amused by watching crackheads on a bus or train.
I think I’m going to cancel my service with Comcast. The transportainment on the bus everyday is way more interesting than anything on TV.
by Mopery April 08, 2011

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1.) When a theory becomes a fact.

2.) When an idea becomes a reality.
I always had a theory the Black Eyed Peas sucked ass, but that song I got a feeling just proved it; so I guess that makes my theory a factheory.
by Mopery April 13, 2011

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1.) Forty dollars
2.) $40.00
3.) Two twenty dollar bills
“I have to stop by the ATM to get a fast cash”.


Dude it cost me 3 fast cash to fill up my truck last night”.
by Mopery June 25, 2010

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