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1.) to shoot someone
2.) to have sex with someone (usually anal)
3.) to hit/punch/slug etc.
4.) to take a girl's virginity (a.k.a: popping her cherry)
5.) An affectionate term used to refer to a father
6.) soda (another word for)
7. to actually legitimately pop something (ex. a balloon)
1.) I was walking home last night to my apartment and watched as some guy popped a man right in the face.
2.) i popped that girl in the ass last night! it was great!
3.) i popped him right in the face. he had a wicked black eye when i saw him later.
4.) duuuude, i popped her cherry! she loved it!
5.)Hey pop! How are you doing?
6.) Can I please buy a pop? Mountain Dew please?
7.) That girl over there keeps popping her gum in the library and it's pissing me off like no other.
by Money Talks October 11, 2008

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