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A rapper or MC whose music is largely comprised of "Uh!" over slow G-Funk beats. Very similar to a hipster, but less annoying, as they don't actually say any words.
My buddy recommended some music to me, but all it was four minutes of an uh'er moaning.
by Mistalazer April 27, 2011
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The day honoring the halfway point until christmas, generally June 25. Often celebrated with excessive drinking.
Steve: hey Paul, June 25! It's Half Christmas! Let's get fucked up, because we have to be modest on Christmas!
Paul: sure, I'll get the beer!
by Mistalazer May 12, 2011
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Any grumpy, irritable, or otherwise irate customer of a retail store.
I had to deal with one bitch of a cuntsomer yesterday, who didn't understand our 90 day return policy.
by Mistalazer April 27, 2011
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