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A possible nickname referring to the original name of Evie or Evelyn. Nickname is most likely to be used by someone close to or someone who used to be close to this person.

Most likely said by the person that loves them the most
Person 1: awwww Eviekins what's wrong
Evie: errrr I met you yesterday? who are you again? I have to go......

Person 2: do you fancy waffles Eviekins?
Evie: Yay! waffles, thankyou honey *kisses partner affectionately before rushing off to work*
by MissRainbowLover November 02, 2009
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Someone who has an inability to draw anything but Rainbows and everytime they see a rainbow is mesmerilised by it and can't stop looking at it. Overall someone obsesed with Rainbows. Is common to happen to people between the ages of 13-25 although has happened to some 6/7 year olds. Seen as a disease by some people but not contagious or serious in any way.
Evie Realised she had Rainbow Compulsia when she found that in her art classes she could draw nothing but Rainbows.
by MissRainbowLover October 28, 2009
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