A surname of Russian origins. Only really insufferable twats have this last name.
Girl: Oh my god is that George?? I haven’t seen him since high school! He was such an insufferable twat back then!

Girl’s Friend: Well duh! He’s a Fedorov!
by howstheweather18 March 10, 2020
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The oldest know surviving Russian last name. With few people in the word who poses this last name. As most Fedorov's were killied during the Russian revolution. Bedause they were cousins of the last Tzar
Wow only two family's trees in the world have the last name fedorov!
by TheHippieHobo January 2, 2017
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Vladimir Fedorov also known as Volodymyr. You can call a guy Vladimir Fedorov to let them know that they are attractive person, a sexy man, good hair, pretty eyes, falls in love with girl that is usually named Samsara. He has friends with relationship issues. Vladimirs usually have good looking sister usually with a name of Carla.
call sexy guys Vladimir Fedorov.
by David yo boy December 27, 2016
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