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1: Great greek God, the God of the sun. Helios flies with his great wagon above the sky, draggin the sun behind him.

2: Prime ruler according to the computergame Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invicible War

3: A very mean, arrogant and hated admin on a danish website.
1: My, Helios sure has blessed us today!

2: I am Helios - merge with me, and we shall be almighthy!

3: Why are you talking to me?
by Minokhoon June 02, 2005

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Fictive, non-living person telling people what to do. Supposively a male, but since "it" does not excist, we will never know.

For questions about religion, also see stupid.
Oh please God, don't let my mother catch me stoned!

Oh God, thats wicked!

by Minokhoon June 02, 2005

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Soon-to-be ancient device, made by two guys that was very bored.

"Hey dude, I got an idea. I want to make a metallic construction, right? And it has weels, and a roof. And the seats have to be better than the ones at your house!"
"Thats a great idea - but lets put some more of those seats in the back!"
"No no, the back seats have to be terrible, with no leg room at all!"

Supposively, the 2nd person wanted to come up with a good idea, so he proclaimed:

"Hey! Lets put electic wires in the window so they dont get dim when its cold!"

Whereas the other replied:

Great idea, lets put those in the back window!
I drive a car to work.

I love my car.

Its not my car, its my love!
by Minokhoon June 02, 2005

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