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When the huge boobs of a mom figure are squeezed into your chest when given a long enthusiastic hug. Typical offenders are grandmothers, aunts, and other older female relatives. Usually brings on feelings of utter nastiness.
John: Honey, what's wrong with you?
Jane: Omigod John, I just got the mom boobs from your mom!!!
by Mina MInogue January 16, 2006
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When you are driving your car like an idiot because you are going to shit your pants.
Officer: Sir do you know you were going 80 mph in a 25 mph zone?
Driver: of course officer, I was going to shit my pants
Passenger: He was poop driving sir.
by Mina Minogue January 06, 2006
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A huge large wad of used toilet paper stuck on someone's ass after wiping. Usually happens from using cheap toilet paper. Dinkle melons are much larger than dinkleberries.
Julie was disgusted to have found a dinkle melon on the floor of the bathroom that must have fell off of Marc's ass when he got into the shower.
by Mina Minogue January 06, 2006
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