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"Hi", "hello" in Finnish (common language).


by Mikko September 21, 2004

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Pissis = pissaliisa. "Piss Liza". Finnish slang.

A girl aged 11-16, who dresses in Miss Sixty jeans, drinks cider, smokes, wears strings and acts "bad" and "tough".

The name comes from their habit of peeing openly in public places, such as parks etc.
"Jos sä haluut olla pro-pissis sun täytyy vedä siduu ja elää tätä 24/7"

"If u wanna b a pro-pissis u gotta life it 2 the fullest 24/7"
by Mikko September 22, 2004

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Minx = a seductive, sexy woman or girl of loose morals.

The origin of the word is unknown.
"That clever little minx..."
by Mikko September 09, 2004

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Finnish slang, from the words "Ei Vois Vähemmän Kiinnostaa" = (I couldn't care less.) Expression of extreme negligence. Used as an abbreviation like some US words.
"Tänään soittaa Nick Cave" "EVVK"
"Nick Cave's playing today" "I couldn't care less"
by Mikko August 21, 2004

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Finnish slang for "pussy". Means literally "nest" or "base" (as in 3rd base).
"Meillä on viinaa, blossia ja musaa... puuttuu enää pesää" = "We got booze, pot and music - all we still need is pussy"
by Mikko August 19, 2004

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Blossi = finnish slang for pot, marijuana. Originally meant a puff from a normal cigarette.
"Me tarvitaan blossii" = "We need some weed"
by Mikko August 15, 2004

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finnish slang word for "pussy", "vagina", used in Helsinki area slang since 1970s, now a bit outdated
"vittu ku sais fiudee" = "Fuck man, I'd love some pussy"
by Mikko August 11, 2004

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