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A gold chain wearing deigo that has a wardrobe that consists of Italia shirts and jeans. Can usually be found cruising High School parking lots for stray tail in his Daddy's escalade while dousing himself with Drakkar Noir cologne. Enjoys playing soccer and watching F1 races on television. Will also throw out the shocker sign in every picture that he is in.
Look at that deigosexual with that Italia shirt and Fila shoes.... That clothing should either be on a pot-belly kid in a third world country or in his basement in a cardboard box marked 1990....
by Michiganboy August 16, 2007

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Someone who makes plans to attend an event or gathering only to bail at the last minute. Cluckey's are even known to throw their own party (making the guests bring their own food) and then cancel at the last minute.
I was sure looking forward to meeting everyone at the party until Mike pulled a cluckey with his party....
by Michiganboy March 26, 2008

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A relationship in which people who are more than 'more than friends' but not lovers. It is a step in the right direction for a couple looking for a genuine relation, and scary for those who fear commitment (or AC power).
Roommate 1: Where is Jeff tonight?
Roommate 2: He is visiting his serious friend... they are serious friends, dude....he'll back in the morning.
Roommate 1: Wow that's serious.
by MichiganBoy December 06, 2012

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