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Delay in speech used to give one time to consider the consequences of a statement.
John took the microphone and asked Sarah to marry him. There was a pregnant pause while he, and the 3000-strong audience, waited for an answer.


Cars cause pollution that cause global warming..... (pregnant pause).... so when we need a pint of milk, maybe we should walk the 1/4 mile to the store instead of driving!
by MichelleM September 30, 2006
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Abdul is an arab name that means “servant to the powerful.” He is a selfless man that tries, at all cost, to make his family proud and to take care of his own. If you meet and abdul, feel happy and blessed because you have found a guy that will literally take a bullet for you and make his priority to make you happy. He is kind, generous, and extremely handsome (even if he pretends he doesn’t know how hot he is). Abdul loves adventure and is really funny.
I love you Abdul. Thanks for making my life better.
by MichelleM November 23, 2021
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