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(pronounced; chop) a (as far as i know) South African orignated word, meaning a huge idiot, so huge he takes the award for being an idiot/fool/wanker! some times used in a friendly tone!
- Fuck, that fat guy dancin on that table with out a shirt on is a tjop hey! haha,, fag!

- holy shit did Byron jus run off with that fat chick, haha, wat a tjop!

- Hey Danny, i thought you were with Kim upstairs, come sit here an have some hubly you tjop!
by Michael Elliott December 24, 2006
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"chicks before China's"
*only used for guys*

- When a mate ditches his true mates to be with a girl or a group of the breed!,
- When a mate puts any girl before his guys
*all the mates are at a location with girls booze and hubly bubly, and a mate who's been away has just returned*

- (peron 1) Hey wheres *__(name)__*,??
(person 2) oh he's gone off to meet his girlfriends parents instead of seeing his mate he hasn't seen in a year. fuckin cbc!!

-*(person 1) Oh my, that hot sexy chick jus crashed into my car, FUCK!
(person 2) hey! you parked like a dickhead, it's not her fault!
*meanwhile the car was park perfectly*
(person 1) don't fuckin be a cbc, jus cause she's a hottie!
by Michael Elliott December 24, 2006
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