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The sensation that arises after the male member has released a substantial amount of seamen in through the trachea all the way into the "tummy" causing naseau and diareah throughout the female's existence.
As my girlfriend finished giving me oral sex and finishing inside her tonsels, she said that there was a sudden sensation as if she ate an entire bag of gummy bears. She was obviously suffering from a case of "cummy tummy".
by MichFace June 30, 2005
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A medical substance that is consumed while in the phases of Herpes that improves your life by allowing you to go mountain climbing and handgliding without the worries of an outbreak in your genital area.
Herpes has affected my life for over 10 years now but after I found "valtrex" I am now able to trick people into having unprotected sex with me while ontop of the himalayan mountains.
by MichFace June 30, 2005
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