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This is something game developers shoot out their ass as a replacement for "minigame". Don't be fooled, they're the same damn thing.
Arena challenges in Ratchet and Clank 2 and 3 are maxigames!
by Metatag February 16, 2005

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A word/abbrieviation commonly used by "Cluracan", the 1337est programmer of them all. It is unknown what ffos means, as Clur never tells anyone. I, myself, googled it and found "Fist Full of Steel" but that term does not fit the context of the phrase. This term has an unknown meaning, one that will most likely never be solved. Note the pronunciation is only assumed.
Cluracan: ffos
by Metatag June 05, 2004

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The epitome of down-to-earth, rugged, and masculine design. If something is "built like a Sherman" then it pays infinitely more attention to functionality and die-hard components than something as useless as aesthetic design or nifty features.
I just got this safe. It's built like a goddamn Sherman tank! All it has is a dial, a handle, and one tough-ass casing, no air-cooled inner pockets or any of that bull.
by Metatag October 17, 2005

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Short for Adamantite or Adamant weapons/armor in the popular online game Runescape. Adamant items are currently the fourth best for members and second best for free players.
Bronze (bronze)
Steel (Steel)
Black (Black)
Mithril (Mith)
Adamantite (Addy)
Runite (Rune)
Dragon (d or drag)
Barrows sets
by Metatag May 09, 2005

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