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Often there are two sides to drama. In which one person is the aggressor and one the victim.

The victim is cast in a bad light, trying to save her reputation. She may lose more than ten friends and become very depressed. Often no one will believe her side.

High School is usually the breeding ground for drama whores that pick on Drama Victims.
After losing all her friends, Alayna came to terms that she shouldn't have pissed off the supreme Drama Whore of the entire school, she became a Drama Victim.
by MetaKittie July 12, 2009
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A name the Marines use to refer to the Navy or Navy uniforms.
Me: He wears ACUs, right? Guys in those are hot.

Marine Brother: Hes a god damned crackerjack, sis.

They wear those little sailor suits.

by MetaKittie January 03, 2010
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