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An acronym for "Holds Knife Like Pen," used to describe the table manners of a lower class or uncouth person trying to imitate what he believes erroneously to be the behaviour of the upper classes at table. As the acronym suggests, the knife is held as though it were a writing instrument.
"He's trying too hard to be posh: typical HKLP."
by Mercurius Oxoniensis May 1, 2009
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Dishevelled, rakish, disorderly, or unkempt. Used of hair, neck ware, or one's general disposition. Opposite of "rectilinear-biff." Origin unknown, but possibly derived from a misunderstanding of "skew-wiff." Usage peculiar to Brasenose College, Oxford.
"My word, Terence, with your tie at that angle, and your obvious bed-head, you're looking unusually skew-biff!"

"Don't worry: I get myself rectilinear in no time."
by Mercurius Oxoniensis June 7, 2009
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An abbreviation of the phrase "Keep India British," used as a farewell salutation in informal speech and text messages as a kind of conservative shibboleth.

The abbreviation is derived from the name of a Canadian croquet team (i.e., "Team Keep India British") which frequented the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in the early years of the present century.

Usage now peculiar to Brasenose College, Oxford.
In conversation:

"I say, you're off to the union now, aren't you?"
"Well, give those socialists what for."
"Right. K.I.B."

Or in a text message:

"Bah! Brideshead is on in the MCR now. Care to join?"
"It would be my distinct pleasure. K.I.B."
by Mercurius Oxoniensis December 12, 2009
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