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White abusive teenager covered entirely in sportwear (baseball caps, tracksuits trainers) and tacky jewelry, purchased entirely through state benifets.

Probably comes from the term "spider men" refering to the retarded way that they walk as if they are carrying 2 tvs under their arms.
I saw some spides listening to Energy 106 congregating outside McDonalds....I wish cancer upon them.
by Mephs July 22, 2004

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1. Smartass English Student
2. Something you wash dishes in.
20:44 <Mephs> async is a studeny chocolate chimney sweep
by Mephs September 23, 2004

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1. A nice guy who gives up his time to help dialup users, and their pitiful connection speeds.
18:10:57 <Mephs> i wanna get they hunger
18:11:18 <Mephs> and 67mbs doesnt sound too nice
18:11:39 <async> ill d/l it for you inf you want.
18:11:57 <async> then i could send it u in manageable chunks
by Mephs September 26, 2004

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