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What the typical American male (usually none too slim himself) doesn't want to hook up with, usually because he thinks that it will hurt his "image."
"Is there anything sadder than 'No Fat Chicks' stretched across a beer gut?"
by Meow! May 08, 2005

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Means Yes
Dont know....It just randomly appeared, anf everyone was saying it.
Person 1:........so thats where the chair and the banana comes in. Understand?
Person2: Yargen!
by Meow! January 11, 2005

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The scrapings of the innerds of several cats, mixed with squirrel gentalia and then churned until it makes a formation of toasty cheese.
"mmm.......a nice slice of meowcheese!"
by meow! December 20, 2003

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This word means like, super angry, with a cinamon twist. Was created when i was trying to talk about angry nan and ended up saying Nangry ann.
Person 1 - He seems really Nangry today.
Person 2- Really?
Person 1 - Yeah the whole f**king house smells of f**king cinamon.
by Meow! January 05, 2005

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