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A quote from an episode of Spongebob where the krusty krab stays open for 24 hours. Not knowing how to properly run a 24 Hour restaurant, Mr. Krabs forces him employees and himself to stay awake for days on end, without even allowing them a weekend off. Eventually, they make it to 15 days, and to celebrate, Mr. Krabs rings a bell and shouts GIVE IT UP FOR DAY 15!!!
Adam: Hey, it's October 15!
John: *rings bell* GIVE IT UP FOR DAY 15!!!!
by Memes. Dank October 16, 2019

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You can only say this word if you're an epic minecraft gamer
*talking in MC chat*
Person: whats up my diggers
by Memes. Dank February 18, 2019

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Jonesy: *throws a gun instead of shooting it like a dumbass* y337
via giphy
by Memes. Dank May 10, 2019

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The weather is pretty uiyuthsduhg today, isnt it?
by Memes. Dank December 13, 2017

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If you aren't an epic Minecraft gamer then you can't say Digger with the Hard R, so you have to say this instead
The only exception is if someone gets you the D word pass, but they must be an official epic Minecraft Gamer
Person 1: whats up my digger
Person 2: sorry I'm not an epic minecraft gamer I can only say digga
Person 1: k whats up my digga
by Memes. Dank February 18, 2019

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