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Putting emphasis on something, someone, or some point. Mainly used for nouns and adjactives, it can be used for verbs as well.
OMG someone put this word on urbandictionary. AOL keyword I INVENTED THIS PHRASE!


Person 1: all you ever do is talk about your future. can't you think or at least talk about anything else?
Person 2: Hello, AOL keyword AMBITION. i want to achieve my goals and dreams, nothing is going to stop me.
Person 1: Try AOL keyword LOSER
Person 2: When I'm enjoying my life, have a great family, and making large amounts of money, you'll be officially pwned.
Person 1: Right... whatever.
by Melodie July 14, 2005
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Mendi is a kind of person who'll make you laugh when you're sad and will spoil you everytime. A very flirty person and could ghost you anytime. Be careful though!
You: Someone ghosted me.
Friend: that's a mendi for sure.
by Melodie August 25, 2019
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the trumpet is the greatest instrument ever. It gets most of the solos in all of the groups, can be played in orchestra, classical, jazz, or just about anything else. trumpets are normally cocky with great reason. trumpet is the best instrument in the world! hail to the brass! pep bands die with out the trumpets because they're the loudest and the best.
P1: man have you heard that kid play the trumpet?
P2: yeah... he's such a screamer, it's awesome!
P1: if he keeps going like that he's going to be like Miles Davis
by Melodie April 17, 2005
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The greatest of the forgotten instruments in band. Mellophones are the marching version of a French horn, because french horns don't project properly to be used for marching. Many schools nowadays don't have them however, since EWHS is the best, we do. They're played in corps and often the people that play them are pretty timid, unlike their similar looking trumpets. Mellophones are the best!!!
Mellophone Player: I play the mellophone
Non Bandgeek: What's that?
Mellophone player: It's a trumpet looking object in the key of F which a huge bell the size of a French horn bell.
by Melodie October 23, 2004
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something women put in their vaginas to stop menstrual flow (blood) from going into their underwear. tampons are comfy and can be nice because you can swim in them. although comfy, they don't tend to be popular to girls that have only recently started menstruating because they're worried about something being stuck up their vagina and losing their virginity.
Girl: crap! i just got my period. where's a tampon?
Guy: don't say stuff like that.
Girl: oh shut-up. *goes into her backpack and takes out a tampon* i'll be right back, i just need to put my TAMPON in, then we can finish doing our homework.

*says the word tampon deliberately just to annoy the guy*
by Melodie June 27, 2005
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