3 definitions by Mcthundastick

Through some terrifying event a women had both twins and gingers. Be wary of you decide to copulate with them as your soul will be sucked out faster than you pre.
Its extremely obvious to see them sept you'll like have a hard time remembering which of the ginger twins is which
by Mcthundastick April 9, 2015
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When a person has a flip phone in a world dominated by smartphones
My iphone 5 broke so my mom got me this 2005 phone.
by Mcthundastick April 9, 2015
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When the pledge of allegiance is being announced at school and the person refuses to stand. This is likely because they are a Weeaboo or spend to much time on the internet to denounce where they were born, at least stand and recite in your head the song of your preferred country.
The whole class stared at the unpatriotic sitters while the pledge was being announced.
by Mcthundastick April 9, 2015
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