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Terraria is a 2d side-scrolling game with features similar to minecraft. Terraria includes randomly generated worlds, as well as Bosses . Unlike minecraft, Terraria takes more of a Fantasy tale turn by allowing potions, forms of magic, powerful swords, and abilities. The game is a "build-it-yourself" story line allowing you to make whatever you like from a broad range of craftable items.

The game includes stunning graphics, multiplayer, pvp settings as well as teams on servers.

Terraria was inspired by minecraft, and is not a copy.

If you need a cheaper substitute to minecraft, Terraria is your second option!
Mom: "Bobby have you been doing anything besides playing minecraft!?"
Robert: "Why yes mom...I have been playing Terraria too!"
Mom: "Ooh cool, gimme' a turn!"
*Hours Later*
Robert: "Mom is it my turn yet?"
by McJockman July 02, 2011
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1. An enhancement of "Gibby". Gibbyson is the demigod of Gibby. They are powerful in looks, socially enhanced, and know what to say and when to say it.

2. A demigod to Gibby. Good with jokes and had many followers.

3. A player, holds leadership to over 20 posse's; knows what to wear and when. Knows exactly what his/her hair should look like.

4. Perfect body, not a flaw to be found.
Gibby: Chuck Norris :: Gibbyson: Superman

"Josh is such a Gibbyson, just look at his beautiful hair!"

"He is like a Gibbyson, just look at his/her legs!"
by McJockman November 11, 2010
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