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a perfect girl
she is just maariyah
by mazi October 29, 2013

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The interwebular knowledge of all things knowledgable. Only applys to .net sites, and does not apply in the months of November, July, and April, except on the third saturday of said months. If this Saturday should occur to have a friday in the same month after the event, a festival will be held, and you muct take a photograph of yourself in a chicken suit if you cannot attend. If you misspell 'majiks' to the common 'magicks' you will most likely be called a weiner, because you are not a very good pirate.
No single person can define who has majiks, it must be held before a council of elders, a minimum of 8. If a person boasts publically about having majiks of any sort, they may be executed (banned) before a large audience, and ridiculed to hearts content.
Denier-of-Soup has no majiks, as he is a fake.

Do you have the majiks I asked for?

I wouldn't touch that majiks if I were you, it might explode.
by Mazi November 13, 2004

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Novelty hats. Seriously.
Look at that cool majicks!
by Mazi November 16, 2004

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