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(verb)- to do anything for love; to do something in the name of love, as the song by the musical artist Meat Loaf implies. (May also include "not doing that")
Ned: "Well, I meatloaffed my way through the date and scored"

Ted: "Cool story, bro"
by Maurice DelTaco January 22, 2010

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The leader of the Beatles
George Harrison: This tent reminds me of when we used to play those dark clubs in Hamburg. Do you remember that Paul?

Paul McCartney: Of course I do, I booked 'em. I'm the leader of the Beatles.
by Maurice DelTaco July 06, 2011

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Really loud, heavy, manly music.
Ned: Hey what's all that noise coming from your room?

Ted: Oh, I'm just listening to some testosterock.
by Maurice DelTaco October 15, 2011

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The measure of someone's accuracy in sending text messages to his intended receiver.
Ned (text): Ya bebeh c u l8r

Ted (text): Dude, you have to check who you are sending your texts to.

Ned (text): Sry bro, tht wuz 4 my gf lol

Ted (text): You have terrible text aim.
by Maurice DelTaco April 28, 2012

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