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Alternate pronunciation of the word "yeah," popular with some Southern Californians usually said with a strong conviction. Usually a response to a yes or no question.
-Do you like Bad Religion?
-Schyeah! There my favorite band ever!
by MattyCheese April 29, 2007
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To do something with renewed vigor and/or energy.
-Are you ready to hit road?
-Hell yes, let's choke this bitch!
by MattyCheese April 29, 2007
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STDs is an incredibly funny and entertaining game that can be played by 6 or more people. It can be described as a combination of the games Telephone and Pictionary. The name of the game has often been seen as an acronym of the phrase "sentences to drawings" but no official reason has been given for the name.

The Set Up: Each person needs a stack of paper. They needs as many pieces of paper as there are players in the group and a writing utensil. Note card sized pieces of paper are ideal. A 6 player game will require 6 pieces of paper per player, 36 pieces for the whole group.

The Game play:

1. Everyone WRITES a simple sentence on their first piece of paper, usually a description of a situation.

2. Each player passes their entire stack of paper to the person on their left. That person reads the sentence, and on the next sheet of paper, DRAWS an illustration of the sentence.

3. Each player again passes the stack of paper to their left. This person looks ONLY at the picture, not at any of the other sheets of paper in the stack. They, in turn, WRITE a description on the next sheet of paper of what they think the picture is.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until each player receives his/her stack of paper. This way everyone has contributed to everyone's stack of paper.

5. Each player takes turns going through their stack of paper reading each sentence and showing the following picture to the group.

Sentences starting out simple will undoubtedly turn into hilarious and often obtusely sexual pictures. Great to play at parties while either sober or under the influence.
-Hey, a bunch of friends are coming over tonight. You want to play STDs?

-Schyeah! I love playing STDs!
by MattyCheese April 29, 2007
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Interjection used at the end of lines in a song often by Greg Graffin, lead singer of Bad Religion.
"So do what you must,
do all you can,
break all the fucking rules,
and go to hell with Superman,
and die like a champion, ya-hey!"
by MattyCheese April 29, 2007
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