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A typo: Something I do a lot.
God plaese helop me!1 I made tehn typo
by Matthew Williamson July 26, 2006

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A cultural phenomenon in the UK (and else where?). Mosher is a term used in mass terms (main by opposing stereotypical youth, the Kev, or Scally) to stereotype any youth who listens to any type of rock music, that doesn’t get played on pop radio (though ironically most Mosher bands are on major labels), and abides to a certain dress sense. In reality this isn’t a far comment, as a Mosher is somewhat frowned upon in many of the scenes that get put under the same brush: such as the Hardcore, and Metal scenes. Today the Mosher is some what of a dying breed with the new cultural phenomenon (okay, trend) Emo has taken its place and most of the “Moshers” with it. Though, there is a borderline where Emo and Mosher meet, however this is usually to do more with wealth than anything else (with “Fashioncore” clothes and accessories costing more than some can afford). Moshers tend to feel as though they need to set themselves apart from the crowd and often at outrageously, and wear black and baggy clothing, though it must be said that most fail and look as generic as those they moan about. Whereas Kevs are regarded as socialising near there homes, at parks and on street corners, Moshers tend to hang more in city centres around shopping centres and such, thus the term Mallgoth.

Music: Read Kerrang what’s hot in that’ll be a good clue.

Dress sense: None… Sorry, Black baggy jeans (DDs) and black baggy band shirts, usually poorly printed (ironed!) on as they’ve been bought somewhere like afflecks palace (aptly called Mosher Palace by some random stranger I meet on a bus once). Badges on their groovy bag, for some reason they can’t have backpacks. :s poorly applied make up, usually black this is probably to make them look evil and accounts for both genders.

Personality traits: varied, though often seen as moody, and use of Americanisms even though they are British.

There are differences between Moshers and… True Metalhead (all types, art, BM, DM, etc), Real Hardcore (again all styles UKHC, NYHC, etc…), Indie (I don’t even see how they get called Moshers!), and Emos (though Emo is IMO Moshers pretty sister)… So don’t fucking call me one!.. Or any who isn’t.
Mosher: hey look at me, man, I’m different and really heavy!!! GGEEERRRRR.
Me: Oh.
Mosher: What you listening to, dude?
Me: Tribes of Neurot .
Mosher: oh, cool dude, real heavy, awesome man.
Me: No, not at all.
Mosher: Oh, got something heavy..? Can I listen?
Me: Okay… Nile good enough for you.
Mosher: Never heard of them!?! Bet they’re no where near as heavy as Slipknot, Slipknot are the heaviest band in the world… Anything heavier you’d die… They are really heavy Death Metal
Me: *Tuts*… Just listen or fuck off.
*passes earphones and presses play*
Mosher: …
*The Mosher falls to the floor and starts to die*
Me: Someone should really phone this geek an ambulance.
by Matthew Williamson January 25, 2006

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