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abbreviation for "New York Hardcore", a musical and cultural movement that began in the early 1980s (or late 1970s) and evolved out of the earlier "punk rock" scene. Hardcore music is typically defined by a very fast, driving (4:4:) tempo, loud distorted guitars, and an aggressive vocal style. The first NYHC band was arguably "The Stimulators" with their definitive record "Loud Fast Rules". Other pioneers of the genre include "Bad Brains" (actually a DC-based band that gigged regularly in New York City before eventually relocating there, "Beastie Boys" (before gaining notoriety as a hip-hop group), "Kraut", and many other lesser-known bands.

The original NYHC Scene was largely, though not exclusively, comprised of "punks" and "skinheads". Other styles, including dreadlocks or Rastas, b-boys, long-haired metal-heads, peace-punks, skaters, and others were also well represented. Hardcore music was founded in New York City in the very early 1980s and then quickly spread to other states and cities each of which developed their own scenes, styles, and music. More than 30-years after its inception, hardcore-punk continues to be an evolving movement. The iconic NYHC symbol is written with the letters N, Y, H, and C around a larger letter-X. This type of symbol has been adopted by countless other brands, and entities with 4-letter names or initials, but was originally conceived of, and exclusive used by members of the NYHC scene.


by locdogoneLoc April 14, 2017
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New york hardcore. damn good music. not quite as good as boston hardcore though.
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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