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1. a pimp. someone who has many women.
2. something/someone really cool
Mikes been with a ton of chicks. Hes a regular cunt hustler.
by Matthew Tye October 12, 2004
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amazing, very good, so very very good
your the beadalicious beadsicle
by matthew tye October 20, 2004
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1. Someone who likes Porsche vehicles. A Porsche fanatic of sorts.

2. Someone who races Porsche vehicles professionaly, or for a hobby.
You going to the auto cross race this weekend? They are racing Porsches-- there's gonna be Nachii's everywhere.
by Matthew Tye April 11, 2006
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1. A Nachii is a fan of Porsche vehicles. Nachii's live, eat, sleep, and breathe these cars, and their ultimate goal in life is to own one someday.

2. A Porsche enthusiast.
The new 2007 Porsche 911 Carrera S is nearly out, Nachii's all over the world are going to flip when they hear this!
by Matthew Tye April 06, 2006
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another way to write Penis. Write Penis, then change the letters into Boo98.
Boo98=Penis. When you write penis and you need to change it, write Boo98
by Matthew Tye October 12, 2004
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