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This is originally a German phrase invented by a German candy company, which printed the phrase on stickers and sold them with candybars in the early 80's.

Germans continue to use this phrase since then when they do something risky what makes although fun. Like bungee jumping for example. The funny thing is, every German thinks, that this is an American proverb.
Betty: I am scared to surf that wave!!

Tom: Come on. No Risk No Fun!!!
by MattC February 19, 2012

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The Apple Pan in Los Angeles on Pico Blvd. Home of the Hickory burger, Steak Burger, Fries (extra crisp of course,) and many incredible pies. Has a table top seating area with great service and a huge fan base.
Dude let's go to The Pan!, I need a Hickory Burger.
by mattc April 23, 2005

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The shocker with use of the thumb for clitoral stimulation. Requires a great amount of coordination to pull off, but when done properly, orgasmic.
Dude, the shocker was working, so I added the thumb and Galvanized her!. She loved it.
by mattc May 20, 2005

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