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The one and only solution to all of your problems. Works on weekends too!
Guy #1: Dude I'm depressed, got any ludes or somethin.
Guy #2: Nope, just some Halo Reach should do the trick.
Guy #1: Oh yeah, I'm retarded aren't I.

Girl #1: Can you give me the answers to the homework last night.
Guy #1: (Never did the work) Hey, wanna play some Reach today.
Girl #1: Hell fuckin yes!!! Ill frag you again.
by Matt the stud September 20, 2010

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Vitamin Q, Quakers, Quas, Q's, Disco Biscuits, Mandies,
Lemmons, Wallbangers, Quacks. Real name Methaqualone. A drug synthesized back in 1951 in India by two men named Indra Kishore and Hussain Zaheer. Was commonly used at clubs back in the 60's and 70's at discos (hence the name "Disco Biscuits") to make you feel better while you danced and partied. There were also special bars where they would serve non alcoholic beverages to cater to the people who used it. Now in decline due to it being declared a Schedule 1 substance.
Ludes used to be the one and only college past time.
by Matt the stud June 17, 2010

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Fascist News Channel
FNC - Fair and unbalanced.
by Matt the stud July 27, 2010

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