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Miniature toy action figures that have been inserted into the rectum, and fingered out either alone, or with a partner.
I don't think I got all my buttles out last night.
by Matron Malice May 07, 2010

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When a man is receiving oral sex and cum's in the other person's mouth. That person then spits the cum all over the man receiving oral sex.
I gave my boyfriend a mouth bath he will never forget last night! He didn't see it coming!
by Matron Malice March 17, 2013

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When a man gag's on another mans penis while performing oral sex.
Sucking on your dick makes me gayg every time!
by Matron Malice June 08, 2016

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When a man pee's sitting down while straddling the toilet.
I caught my friend jeffin last night, how awkward...
by Matron Malice July 01, 2011

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