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She is a very beutiful and kind person. She is typically a competitive person but it is just in a cute way. She is often short but that just makes her look better
Guy 1: damn bro u went on a date with petra last night. Dude ur so lucky
Guy 2: yeah dude I'm so lucky
by Masterdefiner666 June 06, 2019

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A lacrosse player with many friends. Unfortunately he typically has a micro penis and the moment girls pull down his pants and see it they run away crying with laughter.
Avery: Wow! Tifanny, did u go on a date with aidan last night
Tiffany: yeah i did but his dick was so small
Avery: yeah, sorry I forgot to tell u about that sooner.
by Masterdefiner666 June 05, 2019

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A gay Sri Lanken. He has a massive cock that dwarfs all of his friends. It came to be from a small homosexual child called tharaka who used the term "moot" a little too much. He liked to analy abuse small boys and somtimes animals!
Omg Bethany, did you see how much meat tharaka is packing.
by Masterdefiner666 June 05, 2019

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